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African Djembai Classes through Irish and Organic Food.

I am running African Djembai classes through Irish. I have spent 18 months learning how to teach rhythms from Guinea Conakary and Mali. The Djembai drum is made from wood with African goat skin. There are 3 types of drums played as accompaniment to the djembai: the djoun djoun, the sang ban and the ken kenny. I show how to plays these also. There is another drum called Bougou Rabou that I teach which has cow skin on it. I emphasise the use of both hands so that they are as strong as each other. This creates balance for the body and mind and this is the way the masters of Western Africa taught me. At the start of the class or workshop, students will learn about the technique that shows how to play the notes. In the second half of the class or workshop I will be teaching rhythms.

I offer my students a tasty meal from my own garden and hens. I have three bedrooms for students, one with two single beds and two rooms with double beds in both. If you need another place to stay, there is a hostel and a B&B down the road from me. There is a beautiful view from the house out onto the sea, the Blascades, and Skellig Michel, and there is a beautiful sound inside the house which is very suitable for djembai classes. Classes are available for individuals or groups. Short classes (hour long) or workshops that run for a couple of days are offered.

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Iain Ó Leocháin - Djembai Teacher
087 6232421

087 6232421

Location: Co Kerry

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