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We often refuse to accept an idea merely because the tone of voice in which it has been expressed is unsympathetic to us. [F. Nietzsche}
We have a lot of thinking to do regarding the future of our language. There is a lot of work to be done regarding grammar and the status of the language but the voice of the ordinary is quiet. We read and write very little these, and Gaeilge Bheo would like to encourage more writing.
On our website we will be publishing and selling brand new writings of every kind. We do the arrival of electronic publishing, any author can profit from their work. 
The other part of the website is completely free. We have three sections at the moment:
1. SANAS words that we no longer have - this is a wide database of words that were used nearly 200 years ago, Gaoidhilge. There are Irish, English, Gammon and Ulster-Scot translations with them. You can search for any translation in all 5 languages. 
2. DIALANN Diary of Events - in this section you can advertise an event or activity on the site and this advert will be published automatically on our Facebook as well. We believe it helps when we share links.
3. POBAL - there are actors and zoologists (all with Irish) who work through English but who would also be happy to work through Irish as well. Its hard to come across people with Irish but here is a place to advertise your service so we can easily find you. 
Apart from the writing campaign, we would like to start campaigns that give recognition to people who are doing new things through Irish. And if we can't agree on this we intended to develop an opinion poll as an app. This is a complicated project and will take a lot of time to develop - but it will happen!

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Fergal Jennings
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Location: Co Roscommon

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